La Colección Paleontológica Virtual de la Univesritat de València

Proyecto Forthem

3D Virtual Paleontology

FORTHEM Alliance was launched by the European Commission as a network of seven multidisciplinary public research universities with strong regional anchoring (Dijon, Mainz, Opole, Jyväskylä, Riga, Valencia and Palermo). Their goal is to educate open-minded European citizens committed to common democratic values, together with solving the obstacles for seamless student and sta mobility and providing students with 21st-century skills. The network supports the principle of open science and sees the alliance as a way to extend cooperation with civil society.

FIT FORTHEM (Fostering Institutional Transformation of R&I Policies in European Universities) is a Horizon 2020 project that started its works in April 2020 in cooperation with FORTHEM Alliance. It is aimed at making FORTHEM Alliance a unique and united entity – a European University – not only with a strong higher education strategy but also with a comprehensive research and innovation strategy, and tight links to the socio-economic environment. It assists FORTHEM in turning into a breeding place of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit.